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Vekas plastic hot tubs

The new generation Vekas hot tubs are made of plastic. The product has been developed in cooperation with Finland’s leading plastics manufacturer Pipelife Finland.

The contemporary design of a plastic hot tub suits today’s modern living environments perfectly. It is easy to install in a deck, for example, and no additional equipment or structures are required.

The new Vekas hot tubs are designed to endure regular use and the harsh Finnish climate. The plastic material feels warm and soft. Therefore, it is especially well suited for children to bathe and play in. Easy cleaning is another important feature, saving not only water but also your time and energy.

The hot tub features an efficient Vekas wood-burning heater. The tub can also be ordered with insulation and plank lining. Vekas hot tubs are available with either a wooden or a plastic cover.

Technical specifications

  • Outside diameter of the tub 1,900 mm
  • Height 1,010 mm
  • Capacity about 1,400 l
  • The sides of the tub are insulated and lined with heat-treated planks
  • Two-part wooden cover or one-part plastic cover
  • Drinks holders
  • Built-in seating for six
  • Drain tap
  • External furnace made of aluminium
  • Stainless steel chimney and hood
  • Exterior lining made of heat-treated wood


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